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CEMS for Natural Gas Companies

Natural gas companies are required by law to control their emissions. This requires using technology to monitor exactly which pollutants are being produced.

The best way to do this is to invest in a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS). A continuous emissions monitoring system for natural gas companies is able to take samples and determine exactly how much emissions your facility is producing. At Mangan Analyzer Engineering, we specialize in the design and installation of these systems, which you can read more about on this page.

Why do natural gas companies need a CEMS?

The greenhouse gases produced by gas companies are a major contributor to climate change. As a result, natural gas companies must do what they can to control their emissions.

Local and federal laws have been introduced over the years to make the natural gas industry cleaner. Part 60 and Part 63 of the Environmental Protection Agency are two examples of laws passed to help control emissions.

In order to follow these laws, natural gas companies must install a CEMS system designed and built to specific standards. At Mangan Analyzer Engineering, we produce CEMS for natural gas companies that meet these standards so that you can stay compliant.

Which emissions need to be monitored in the natural gas industry?

Some of the emissions that a CEMS can monitor include:
These are considered to be some of the biggest pollutants. A CEMS system is able to take samples and use separate analyzers to measure each of these individual pollutants. If there is discovered to be too much of one of these pollutants, measures can then be taken to reduce these emissions.

Exactly how does a CEMS work?

The technology used by a CEMS is fairly complex, which is why it needs to be designed and installed by experts.

A probe heated tube bundle and sample pump are first installed within the chimney of your facility. A sample of emissions travelling through the chimney is extracted, which is then sent by the sample pump into a separate air conditioning system. In this air conditioning system, separate analyzers take readings of individual gases. Software is then used to report these readings.

This technology runs constantly so that you’re getting continuous readings in real time. You will receive alerts if your emissions exceed legal limits.

Why choose Mangan Analyzer Engineering?

When designing a CEMS for your natural gas facility, it’s important that you choose accompany that fully understands these systems and the legal requirements that are necessary. At Mangan Analyzer Engineering, we have over 20 years experience dealing with CEMS technology. We will design a CEMS that is custom-built to fit the dimensions of your facility, while making sure that it meets all necessary regulations.

On top of carrying out design and installation, we can also provide training on how to use your CEMS and provide ongoing maintenance. We have an expert team that can handle all aspects. Contact us today to find out more about our CEMS for natural gas companies.