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We have completed over 130 continuous emissions monitors (CEMS) NOx/SOx and process analyzer projects since 1992.

Experienced CEMS and Analyzer Engineering Services

With over 25 years of experience and proven performance in many facilities, Mangan is the premier provider of turnkey analyzer shelters.

Analyzer Engineering

Our experienced Analyzer Engineering Team will engage with your team at formative stages of your project to provide the most innovative, proficient and vendor neutral analyzer solution that meets the project’s objective along with top-notch analyzer system integration.


Process Analyzers

Each process presents its own unique sample environment requiring particular attention to conditioning requirements and measurement technology selection


Analyzers in Continues Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are some of the most intricate instruments in your facility which impact the regulatory compliance of a facility. NOx, SOx, CO, Stack Flow and Opacity analyzers require correct technology selection and sample system design to operate accurately and reliably.

Flare Analyzers

Flare environment provides unique engineering challenges due to the extreme variability of the gas or liquid content. Monitoring specified sulfur and other individual components that contribute to the HHV and NHV contents of the flare gas requires unique sample system designs and analyzer selection.